Biography of “Atvotzkers” Published for Grandchildren’s Wedding

The lives of Rabbis Moshe Elya Gerlitzky and Mottel Bryski, who merited to learn in Tomchei Tmimim in Otwock, Poland as bochurim, were recorded in a biography published for the wedding of their grandchildren.

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The lives of two chassidim who merited to learn in Tomchei Tmimim in Otwock, Poland as bochurim, were recorded in a recently published double biography.

Rabbi Moshe Elya Gerlitzky and Rabbi Mottel Bryski both spent part of their yeshiva years learning in the central Lubavitcher Yeshiva in Otwock, where it had moved to after the Frierdiker Rebbe had relocated there from Warsaw. This past week, their families joined together to celebrate the marriage of Rabbi Gerlitzky’s granddaughter, Geulah Gerlitzky to Rabbi Bryski’s grandson Chaim Kohn.

In honor of the occasion, the families printed a double biography, chronicling the life of the two chassidim who had spent time together in the presence of the Frierdiker Rebbe and so many chassidic giants.

The publication was authored by Dovid Zaklikowski of Hassidic Archives, and distributed to guests at the wedding. The family also made the pdf availible online for all to read and enjoy.

“Koheles (7:2) tells us, “Vehachai yitein el liboi,” the living shall take to heart. The objective in learning about our ancestors is so that we can draw strength from their experiences and the lessons they teach us,” the family wrote in the introduction to the book.”

“We could only learn from them, because they were—just like we are— human, beautifully imperfect beings capable of the divine,” they wrote.

Click here to download ‘The Atvotzkers’

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