Bikur Cholim to Open ‘Hadassah’s Place’ Hospitality Suite


Bikur Cholim of Crown Heights is opening “Hadassah’s Place”, a hospitality suite in the heart of Crown Heights for patients and their families traveling to NYC for medical care, dedicated in memory of Hadassah Lebovic a”h, in tribute to her family’s dedication to Bikur Cholim. 

The Bikur Cholim of Crown Heights family—board members, volunteers, and recipients—experienced a tremendously personal and painful loss this week with the passing of young Hadassah Lebovic a”h on Sunday, Gimmel Tamuz. 

It was just a few months before Hadassah was born that her mother Esther sat at the very first meeting of the newly formed board of directors of the Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Bikur Cholim of Crown Heights. Since then Hadassah’s family have become pillars of the organization.

Esther, with her husband Zalman’s support and their children’s practical involvement, dedicates herself completely to the needs of Bikur Cholim families. 

Having grown up from day one in a home dedicated to helping others, Hadassah’s short but beautiful life was seeped in kindness, community, and generosity. Her regular routine included hosting relatives of Bikur Cholim patients at home, visiting hospital and homebound children, preparing and delivering countless meals including dozens of freshly baked challahs dropped off each Friday, taking children whose parents were ill along on family chol hamoed outings or shopping trips to prepare for yom tov, helping prepare back-to-school packages, packing mishloach manos and Chanuka gifts for Bikur Cholim children, and endless other examples.

Hadassah was surrounded by an environment of giving-kindness, and it modeled the way she related to others. Friends and teachers remember her as a sensitive, friendly, and playful girl who spread warmth and happiness wherever she went, always making those around her feel at ease. 

As the Bikur Cholim family reels from the loss of Hadassah, they wish to honor the memory of this precious girl and to pay tribute to her special family by establishing a Bikur Cholim patient hospitality suite called “Hadassah’s Place”. 

Bikur Cholim is often called upon to find accommodations for the many Chabad patients and their families who travel to NYC for medical care. It has become increasingly apparent that a space is needed to host these families for short-term emergency housing or longer stays. Hadassah’s Place will enable Bikur Cholim to provide welcoming, beautifully appointed and fully stocked accommodations in the heart of Crown Heights. 

This project is made possible by friends of the family who have come forward in a gesture of admiration and gratitude to the Lebovics for all they do for the Crown Heights community. More details to follow.

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