Bikur Cholim of Crown Heights Needs You!

In need of volunteers to help them cover their growing number of requests for services, Bikur Cholim of Crown Heights is turning to the community to ask them to get involved and donate their time.

The immeasurable power of bikur cholim makes an appearance in this week’s Parsha when Hashem visits Avraham Avinu after his bris milah. This is the first mention of the mitzva of bikur cholim in the Torah, and it teaches us the importance of showing up for people experiencing medical challenges.

Bikur Cholim of Crown Heights is tremendously grateful to the remarkable men and women who work selflessly and without fanfare to provide assistance and respite to patients throughout the community. However, as the community continues to grow, we have been overwhelmed by the growing number of requests for services. We fear we will no longer be able to meet the community’s needs, ch”v, which would leave patients and their families without the critical care they desperately need.  How can we say we don’t have anyone to accompany a patient to life saving treatments? How can we turn away a patient who needs help with her young children because of lack of volunteers?  

That is why we are turning to you, the Crown Heights community!  This is an auspicious time to start volunteering for Bikur Cholim of Crown Heights. Turn your compassion into action and become a volunteer.

Here are some ideas of how you can get involved:

-Drive or accompany a patient to an appointment
-Visit a patient in the hospital or at home
-Prepare meals for a patient and their family
-Deliver the homemade food at mealtime
-Spend meaningful time with the children of a patient
-Adopt-a-Senior and check in on them regularly
-Help Bikur Cholim staff with administrative tasks
-And much more…


For help finding the perfect volunteer opportunity that suits your personal schedule and talents, please reach out to Esther Lebovic at Bikur Cholim of Crown Heights: 917-561-6128 or [email protected].

In memory of Hadassah Lebovic OBM, who was one of Bikur Cholim’s chief advocates throughout her short but purposeful life. The megawatt smile that Hadassah lovingly shared with countless patients during her visits continues to shine bright.

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