Bikkurim, Elul and Copenhagen

Rebbe Responsa Installment 16: English letters from the Rebbe on practical lessons from bikkurim, and two newly released letters about seeking G-d in the month of Elul, and learning Shecitah and teaching in Copenhagen.

We are proud to present the 16th installment of Rebbe Responsa, a selection of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s letters written originally in English.

Presented in this week’s edition are several letters on the Mitzvah of Bikkurim (which we learn about in this week’s Parshah) as well as a letter on the significance of Chai Elul which we celebrate next week. Published at the end of the booklet are two letters released for the first time.

The letters in this week’s booklet are sourced from photocopies of the original sent letters or carbon copies. All footnotes to the letters, unless otherwise noted, were added by the publisher.

The Rebbe’s English letters contain a wealth of guidance and perspective on myriads of topics in a style relatable to Jews from all walks of life. To view over 5,000 of these letters, download the Rebbe Responsa app.

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