Bike Lane Draft Proposal Extends Down Kingston and Brooklyn Ave.

The CB 9 transportation committee has written a new draft proposal that will extend the Kingston and Brooklyn Ave. bike lanes from Eastern Parkway all the way down to Wingate.

A new draft written up by the transportation department has a proposal in it to extend the Eastern Parkway bike lanes down Kingston Ave. and Brooklyn Ave. until Maple. The proposal was written up and presented for April 2024 and has yet to be voted on.

This bike path is part of a general plan to enhance Brooklyn’s family safety and active street life. It plans to encourage the safe passage between neighborhoods without further disrupting traffic. Being that Kings County Hospital and Wingate park are disproportionately distance from the subway system and public transportation, a bike lane would offer alternatives to residents there trying to access the subways and busses.

The draft is still in the beginning proposal stages, and has not yet been voted on. What are some of your concerns, as local Crown Heights residents, if this proposal gains steam and moves ahead?

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  1. Unfortunately until we have real leadership , the issues that concern most Jewish crown heights residents will not be taken seriously by these committees.
    Citibike racks too many and in bad spots
    Zoning issues
    Bike lanes
    Bad lighting
    Homeless shelters and housing for severely mentaly ill, formerly incarcerated.

      1. Bikers don’t follow the rules of the road
        I’ve lost count how many times I’ve almost ran over a biker because they just translates without checking their surroundings
        Bike Lanes just create more traffic when there’s space for two lanes

  2. They probably will want to limit parking more so “help” bikers.
    Kingston is already a one lane avenue with difficult traffic.
    Bikes can easily travel on the side of traffic (go look!), this looks like it is just feeding the lefty agenda of trying to forcing people not to drive.
    And just by the way- I personally bike up Kingston nearly every day.

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