Big Zechus for a Small Island

For the first time in history, Rabbi Yaakov Citrin coordinated the printing of the first Tanya on the remote Caribbean island of Bonaire.

This week a Tanya was printed on the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire by Rabbi Yaakov Citrin. Partnering in the printing were the Wolfberg, Hambourger, Antopolsky, and Pawliger families. The printing was coordinated by Rabbi Shmuel Jacobson.

Bonaire is a small island located approximately 50 miles from Venezuela in the Caribbean. The small island measures about 112 square miles and only has about 20,000 residents.

Despite its small size, Rabbi Citrin has a special connection with Bonaire and has visited in the past many times. While visiting the island with his family, Rabbi Citrin prioritized establishing contact with any Jews living on the island. Rabbi Citrin decided to print a Tanya on the Caribbean island as per the Rebbe’s instructions, and Rabbi Shmuel Jacobson coordinated printing.

The Tanya has been printed over 8,000 times to date.

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