Igud Hamelamdim’s “Bifnim” Program Launches for 7th Year

Excitement swept through schools in the US and Canada over the past weeks, as over 500 students eagerly joined Igud Hamelamdim’s revolutionary Gemara Bifnim curriculum, becoming introduced to the skills that will empower them to learn on their own.

Excitement swept through many school auditoriums across the US and Canada, as over 500 students attended their respective school’s Gemara Bifnim Launch Event in the course of the last weeks. 

For the last six years, Igud Hamelamdim has been transforming Gemarah learning for thousands of students, by operating their acclaimed Gemara Bifnim program in schools. The program provides students with tools, along with strong motivation and rewards for mastery of reading inside the text, a learning skill critical to their success through Mesivta and Yeshivah and beyond.

Principals from the participating schools encouraged their students to fully invest themselves in this mivtza, and praised Igud Hamelamdim for the great benefit the program has brought their students.

“Igud Hamelamdim has benefited our students tremendously over the past 6 years,” said Lubavitcher Yeshiva Dean, Rabbi Yosef Simpson. “It will certainly leave an everlasting impact on them.” 

The Bifnim Program has also garnered interest in various Mesivtas, including Mesivta of  Detroit and Mesivta of Connecticut, who sought out the program’s revolutionary tests as a means of furthering the Bifnim learning in Mesivta.

Rabbi Tom Yahel, a 6th-grade rebbi in Kingston PA, remarks that he sees a tangible improvement in classroom learning as a result of the program. “Gemara Bifnim is not just an added enhancement or extracurricular program. I saw tangible positive results from each of my students as a result of utilizing the tools of testing and review in my Gemara lessons.” 

As Rabbi Zalman Twersky, Menahel of Cheder Chabad, Chicago noted, “It’s a game changer – directly preparing my students for Mesivta as never before!”

Marking the launch of this year’s Gemara Bifnim program, principals messaged their parent body last week, communicating their excitement about the program with its singular goal: that every Talmid be able to independently master and navigate the text of Gemara.

“With all the screen usage today,” notes Rabbi Avraham Bluming, Executive Director of Igud Hamelamdim, “it’s imperative to reinforce inside-the-text learning skills, which has proven to be the key to long term Limud HaTorah and transmission of our Mesorah.” 

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