‘Bifnim’ Program Announces Raffle Winners

Hundred of boys are benefitting from a 5-minute-text-review initiative. Has your son signed up yet?

By Anash.org reporter

It’s only four days into the program and participant numbers are soaring high!

As reported on Anash.org, Igud Hamelamdim, the Lubavitch teachers’ organization, launched a month-long worldwide initiative for boys grades 2-7, called “Learn Bifnim and Win.” The program aims to fill the void of inside review left by classes taking place virtually.

Over 250 yeshiva boys worldwide are now benefitting immensely as they review their Bifnim (in the text) learning daily. Students record themselves on a dedicated hotline as they read and translate for 5 minutes what they’ve learned in class. Each additional 5 minutes earns another entry into the raffle.

Fourth-grader Mendy G. shared his excitement for the program .”Just five minutes a day gets me into great raffles!”

“This is a great program!” Rabbi K. from Chicago shared. “It’s reinforcing the basics – reading and translating inside the Sefer! Skills that will last them a lifetime!”

The program’s first raffle took place this week, with four lucky winners:

Kehati Mishnayos: Mendel Cohen, Cheder Menachem Kingston PA
Bicycle: Mendel Labkosky, Cheder Chabad Baltimore
Helicopter: Yankel Tzfazman, Oholei Torah
Biurim L’pirkei Avos: Hersh Evers, YTTL Montreal

Yeshivos around the world are participating, including all Crown Heights schools, Cheder Ohel, Morristown, Monsey ULY, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, PA, Philadelphia, Winnipeg, Melbourne, Cheder Menachem NJ, Los Angeles, Nigri shluchim Online school and Gan Yisroel BP.

To join the program, click here .

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