Hiskashrus Tool Offered for Free to Teachers

A new free program for Chabad teachers helps them get their students excited about a Rebbe video, with a a weekly curriculum that including the video scripts and sicha subtitles.

Educators have learned that when we captivate our students at the outset, they are much more receptive to the lesson at hand. Rabbeim and Morahs are constantly looking for new ways to engage students and draw them in to absorb what they are learning.

Many teachers have already implemented the MyMaor bi-weekly Rebbe videos into their curriculum. The engaging videos give the children an immersive chassidishe experience. They are able to connect to the Rebbe at their level. True to its name, Maor videos bring the light of Torah and Chassidus into the minds and hearts of even very young children who can enjoy and relate to the very positive messages that are imparted. 

Maor has recently launched a new project, the weekly Teacher Guide. Teachers who sign up for this free program are given access to the video scripts in advance of the video release date. The sicha subtitles and translation are also included in the guide.

Teachers can prepare the video topics in advance and can create a full lesson centered around the videos. Depending on the age of the students, teachers can utilize the script as an interactive play that the students perform. Older students can learn from inside the text of the sicha for an immersive learning experience. The question and answer of the video can foster discussion on important, relevant concepts.

One teacher utilizes the scripts on Zoom. She relates, “I gave my students the script to act out. They put on the voices of the characters and were very animated. Afterwards, I surprised them and showed them the MyMaor video. They were so excited to see the script come to life, and at that point, after acting and watching the video, the Rebbe’s message was really ingrained in them.”

Teachers can submit a photo of their class watching the MyMaor video to be featured in an upcoming clip!

To receive the weekly MyMaor Teacher Guide, click here wa.me/19295151770?text=Teacher or Whatsapp +1-929-515-1770

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