Beis Medrash to Celebrate Siyum, Start New Mesechta

Yagdil Torah will hold a siyum doubling as a farbrengen for Chai Elul, with Rabbi Gedalya Oberlander, on Sunday 17 Elul.

Join an uplifting evening, filled with warmth and inspiration at Yagdil Torah, with Rabbi Gedalya Oberlander, Rov of Heichal Menachem of Monsey.

Crown Heights community members will come together on Chai Elul for a joint siyum finishing Maseches Eiruvin as part of the Toras Chaim program. The siyum celebration will also double as an invigorating farbrengen in honor of Chai Elul – the birthday of the Baal Shem Tov and the Alter Rebbe.

The previous siyum, held for Maseches Brochos, emphasized the importance of learning nigleh and encouraged those present to bolster their efforts in limud haTorah. To reinforce that concept, it was relayed a little-known response of the Rebbe that hiskashrus comes from learning nigleh.

Thanks to Merkaz Halacha, Yagdil Torah’s partner, which is committed to strengthening limud haTorah, the Toras Chaim program will continue, and will be starting Maseches Psachim on Chof Hei Elul.

The Toras Chaim program has an easy-to-follow learning schedule which allows you to finish the entire Maseches Pesachim within a year. Once a month, there is a test on 10 dafim, as well as a section that tests on the previous dafim. Stipends are awarded to those scoring above a certain mark, with each section scored independently. 

Start today!
Sign up here or call Yagdil Torah at 347-223-5943

The siyum will take place at on Sunday 17th Elul at Re’im Ahuvim 1614 Carroll St. Maariv at 7:50 PM followed by siyum.

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