Beis Chaya Mushka Mothers Gather for Melava Malka

This past Motzei Shabbos, the mothers of Beis Chaya Mushka school of Crown Heights were treated to a beautiful Melava Malka.

This past Motzei Shabbos, the mothers of Beis Chaya Mushka were treated to a beautiful Melava Malka.

They were welcomed into a beautifully set room, where there was a delicious spread for Melava Malka. After enjoying soups, salads, and more, they heard from Rabbi Plotkin, the Dean of Beis Chaya Mushka.

Sara Gita Soble, founder of Relationshift, addressed the crowd on the evening’s theme of “The Power of the Children” and empowered us all to recognize their strengths and bring it out.

Mrs. Chaya Miriam Klein then launched a learning campaign, where parents will learn with their families, straight from the Rebbe’s words, about the Power of the children, with bi-weekly quizzes and raffles.

Then the fun began, with Bassie Chaskind teaching all the skills and tricks needed to create gorgeous snack boards. With so many options to choose from, there was so much room for creativity and each woman went home with a beautiful, delicious board, shrink-wrapped to perfection.

The evening ended off with a surprise video presentation of our children’s “Day in Beis Chaya Mushka!” put together by our very own BCM students and alumni.

A big thank you was given to the mothers who organized the event, Mrs. Chaikin, Mrs. Chaskind, Mrs. Glick, Mrs. Itzchakov, Mrs. Paul, Mrs. Sherr, and Mrs. Vogel.

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