Beis Chana of Arizona Begins Second Semester

Beis Chana Highschool of Phoenix, Arizona, has just concluded a successful first semester, and is now beginning its second semester, under the helm of Mrs. Risha Majesky. 

Beis Chana, an affiliate of Cheder Lubavitch Arizona, has just concluded a successful first semester, and is now beginning its second semester.  With amazing shluchos and dedicated teachers, the groundwork has been set for an emerging Moisad which will BezH produce Chassidishe Akeres Habayis and the Shluchos of the future.  In the words of one parent, it has been a “Geulahdike year” for his daughter both socially and spiritually.

Under the helm of Mrs. Risha Majesky, Beis Chana is focused on the social, emotional, ruchniyus and academic needs of each student. The excellent academic programs, in both limudei kodesh and limudei chol, place great emphasis on skill building and higher-level thinking skills.

The “Yocheved Mashpia Program” has been very successful in reaching the students and providing them with the support they need as they adjust to high school. Each student was paired with a shlucha, who spends quality time with her, ensuring that every girl is cared for and is growing properly in her Yiddishkeit

Students enjoy beautiful accommodations, excellent high-quality learning, as well as meaningful, exciting and fun theme-based programs.  Each student receives individual attention and knows they are cherished as part of the Beis Chana family.   Sundays are filled with wholesome activities such as trips to the Grand Canyon, hiking, golfing, and bowling.

In addition to the inspiring days of learning, Beis Chana students are given opportunities to do Chesed, by learning with community members, visiting the elderly, and other projects suited to the specific strengths of each girl. The girls enjoy working with the younger students in the cheder, and supporting the local shluchim in their activities.

Registration is now open for next year.  Space is limited, please visit the Beis Chana website:

Beis Chana is looking to hire both shluchos and teaching couples who are interested in coming out to do Chinuch Shlichus.  Positions are available both in the Beis Chana High School and Cheder (Grades 1-8).  Under the auspices of Rabbi Zalman Levertov, the schools are located in the wonderful community of Phoenix, AZ.  Shluchos will have the opportunity to receive professional teacher training and will enjoy excellent shiurim several times a week. Please email resumes for Beis Chana to [email protected].  Please email resumes for Cheder to [email protected].

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