Beis Chana Arizona to Graduate its First 12th Grade

In just three years, Beis Chana High School in Phoenix, AZ, under the leadership of principal and veteran educator Mrs. Risha Majesky, has flourished into a beautiful moisad for students who are serious about growing in their learning, yiras Shamayim, and Chassidishkeit. 

In just three years, Beis Chana High School in Phoenix, AZ, has flourished into a beautiful moisad. The girls’ high school caters to students that are serious about growing in their learning, yiras Shamayim, and Chassidishkeit.  From its humble beginnings two and a half years ago, with a single class of only 17 girls, the school has now expanded to accommodate nearly 50 girls.  Next year, Beis Chana will BeZH include grades 9-12 and be able to celebrate a very significant milestone: the graduation of the very first 12th grade.

Under the leadership of principal and veteran educator Mrs. Risha Majesky, Beis Chana’s objective is to educate the Chassidishe akeres habayis and shluchos of the next generation.  Beis Chana’s unique academic atmosphere is characterized by a strong focus on skill-building and high-level learning of Torah and Chassidus. With a full, well-rounded curriculum in both Limudei Kodesh and Limudei Chol, Beis Chana’s teachers are committed to creating meaningful lessons that are relevant and challenging for each student. At the end of the high school experience at Beis Chana, each student will receive an Arizona State High School Diploma.

As parents of daughter’s in more than one out of town high school, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by so many aspects of Beis Chana Arizona. The school is well-run, the classes are interesting and challenging, and Mrs. Majesky has been incredibly approachable and helpful at all hours. My daughter has really grown! – CK

In addition to the learning, personal attention is given to each student’s individual needs.  Beis Chana’s staff puts considerable effort into making every student feel cherished, cared for, and understood in a warm, loving atmosphere. The positive environment is amplified by the dynamic shluchos who create engaging, fun, creative theme-based Bnos Chabad activities.  These activities bring the classroom to life and foster the values of Chassidishkeit and hiskashrus to the Rebbe. Extracurricular programming includes Sunday activities, exciting trips, a school production, and much more. Beis Chana’s devoted teachers and staff ensure that the school’s core values of kindness and ahavas Yisroel permeate the school environment. 

“As Shluchim who have to send our girls away at such a young age for high school, there are many things to take into account and many things we worry about.  With two of our daughters currently in Beis Chana, we are extremely pleased and thankful to the beautiful, loving and Chassidishe environment that Mrs. Majesky and her team have created. Each girl is truly looked at as an individual with all their needs being met. The Shluchos have created many fun and Chassidishe after school programs and trips for the girls. The teachers and staff have created a strong curriculum with academic success and growth for each girl. The Gashmiyus is fully taken care of with beautiful dorms fully stocked with food. Mrs. Majesky is truly in tune with each of our daughter’s needs and is personally in touch with us and we are sure it is the same with the other students. We are extremely thankful as parents to have a great school to send our daughters to. Rabbi Pinny and Chava Backman

A recent exciting milestone in Beis Chana’s journey is the move to a new, more spacious location. In addition, with the introduction of a second dormitory, the school caters to a greater number of out-of-state students, creating a warm social environment and interaction between the out-of-town and local girls.

Registration for the 2024-25 school year is currently open, with limited availability for out-of-town students. For more information, contact Mrs. Majesky at [email protected]. To apply, please visit

Beis Chana is looking to hire both shluchos and teaching couples who are interested in a dynamic Chinuch Shlichus. Positions are available in both Beis Chana High School and Cheder (Grades 1-8). Additional shlichus opportunities, such as giving shiurim and other peulos are available in the broader Phoenix Community.

Under the auspices of Head Shliach Rabbi Zalman Levertov, the schools are located in the wonderful community of Phoenix, AZ.

Please forward resumes for Beis Chana to [email protected], and for Cheder Lubavitch Arizona to [email protected].

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