Beis Chana Arizona Begins Enrollment for Upcoming School Year

Beis Chana of Phoenix, Arizona has opened enrollment for its third year, offering excellent learning opportunities in both Limudei Kodesh and Limudei Chol, with an emphasis on skill building.

Beis Chana Arizona is proud to announce the opening of enrollment for our third-year! Now in the midst of our second successful year, Beis Chana is the school of choice for students seeking a truly Chassidishe chinuch in a warm, close-knit environment.

Our program offers excellent learning opportunities in both Limudei Kodesh and Limudei Chol, with an emphasis on skill building. Our exhilarating Bnos Chabad program features stimulating, theme-based activities and meaningful farbrengens.

Beis Chana’s devoted staff consists of local, experienced educators, as well as dynamic shluchos and dorm counselors. We are committed to understanding and reaching each and every student, as we strive to meet the emotional needs of our girls and promote Chassidishe growth and midos tovos.

Beis Chana offers beautiful dormitory accommodations in sunny Arizona, as well as Sunday activities and exciting outings.

Rabbi Zalman and Raizy Mendelsohn of Chabad of Wyoming, parents of a 9th grader in Beis Chana, write: “As Shluchim sending our oldest away for high school, we love that Beis Chana is a high quality, high standard, warm, chassidishe school geared for out of town Shluchim.

“The school takes care of everything leaving no stress on the parent’s shoulders. Mrs. Majesky and the rest of the excellent staff are very easy to reach if any problem arises. The communication is amazing. The students are kind, caring and such a nice group of girls. We are beyond happy and thankful to have our daughter in Beis Chana Arizona. She looks forward to going back to school after each vacation. We couldn’t be more grateful.”

Registration is now open for the תשפ”ג-פ”ד academic year, with limited space in our dormitory. To obtain a pre-application go to

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