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Join Live at 4:30 PM: An interactive panel with Rabbis Zalman Krems and Nissan Zibell will address the biggest questions in kashrus today and will leave you an empowered Kosher consumer.

An interactive panel discussing the biggest questions in kashrus today will leave you an empowered Kosher consumer.

Esteemed panelists are Rabbi Zalman Krems (KVH) and Rabbi Nissan Zibell (RCF). Rabbi Moshe Kaufman will serve as moderator.

Among the topics being addressed are:

  • Kashrus Ratings Charts
  • Home Certification, Pros And Cons
  • American Hashgachos Vs Israeli Hashgachos
  • Ako Minimum Standards
  • What Does “Temidis” Really Mean?
  • Mashgiach Training
  • Mashgiach Oversight
  • Mashgiach Vs A Shomer/ Ne’eman Kashrus

Join live at

Tuesday, March 28 | 6 Nissan 4:30-5:30 pm Eastern

Email questions to [email protected]. Open Q & A time permitting.

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