Become a Shochet in One Year with Lemaan Yilmedu

From the Hilchos Shechita to knife-sharpening technique and hands-on instruction, master Shechita in one year with full certification and training to make you an expert Shochet

Whether you want to learn Shechita to become a professional, career Shochet or you live in Shlichus in a remote part of the world and need to supply your family and community with fresh, kosher meat, this course is for you.

The theory and practice of Shechita has always been difficult to master in an organized fashion. With Lemaan Yilmedu’s course, gone are the days of cornering the local Shochet in Shul and begging him to take you on as his student. Now you’ll learn all the relevant halachos and practical techniques under one teacher, with a clear roadmap to success.

“Under the guidance of Rabbi Chezy Posner, I had the privilege of learning the Halachos and skills of shechita and shtelling the chalef,” says Kasriel Shemtov, a former participant of the Shechita course. “Throughout this year, I developed a real appreciation for what I initially saw (as) more of the technical skill of shechting and shteling a chalef.”

“As we delved into the construction of our own chalef and explored various aspects of shechita, I realized how deeply connected ruchniusdiker ideas are to every detail, encompassing Halacha, Chassidus, and the teachings of our Rabbeim. Even the choice of knife and sharpening method, following the Alter Rebbe’s shitah and the Frierdiker Rebbe’s requirements for sharpening, highlighted the treasure and significance of having a Lubavitch shechita and it showed the reason behind the necessity of a shoichet who is a yiray shomaim. Previously, we knew what was required, but now we truly comprehend the underlying purpose. Thank you!”

The Shechita course – as with all of the Lemaan Yilmedu courses – consists of a balanced curriculum containing live lectures, independent learning and hands-on training.

After becoming proficient in the theory of Shechita, you will spend hours in the slaughterhouse with your teacher who will patiently teach you the method and best practices of Shechita.

He will guide you all the way through until you receive Hodaah and Kabbalah from Rabbi Raphael Dovid Banon, veteran Shochet and member of the Montreal Beis Din.

Join our new semester to become an expert in Hilchos Shechita, graduating with a sense of achievement, a sense of accomplishment, and a sense of confidence.

The semester begins 17 Elul, September 3rd. 

Register today at

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