Beautiful New Learning Center Opens Its Doors

Yagdil Torah’s new Heichal Halimud on President St. is fully stocked and open, ready to welcome the community for Torah learning 365 days a year, during morning, afternoon and late evening hours.

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This past Sunday, Heichal Halimud Beis Michoel opened its doors for learning at 3:45 pm. The excitement was palpable as visitors arrived to see the new location. Many individuals are looking forward to learning in the new space and expressed their appreciation to Yagdil Torah for making it happen. 

A convenient and conducive place for Torah learning, the Heichal is fully stocked with seforim, including a vast number of English and children’s seforim. 

In a recent change of plans, Yagdil Torah has announced that the Heichal Halimud will be closed each evening from a little bit before shkia until a few hours later. This week, the Heichal will be closed from 4:15 – 9:00 pm. Although they had publicized daily minyanim for Mincha and Maariv, the minyanim will not be taking place. To be notified of the weekly hours and other important updates, you can join their email list by visiting

The Heichal is located at 1475 President St. (entrance is on Albany Ave., at the gate before the alley) and will be open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from 6:00AM – 2:00AM, with the  exception of the evening hours mentioned above.

Yagdil Torah has released the following statement:

We wish to inform that we asked a Shala before leasing this place and we were told to lease it and keep it open at all hours with certain conditions- and we still aren’t! Deciding to close our doors during a large portion of prime time for learning was a painful decision that will probably cause our Mosed damage. However, we did it for the time being because we assumed it is important for the community and will study if further. In the long run, the way we can determine how important this is to the community is when we see if people acknowledge what we have done through supporting our work in a significant way. Not only support due to the majority of families in Crown Heights and thousands beyond who have benefited from our work, but also to balance out the damage we are absorbing. In this way, we can “count votes” on our actions.

Donations can be made at or via (347) 223-5943

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