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Lockdowns and border closures leave you itching to travel and see the world beyond your own backyard? How do 2 round trip tickets to Israel sound?

In an ever changing world, Torah is one of the only constants in our lives.

Sitting and learning Chassidus brings internal light and joy to anyone who chooses to spend time immersed in its study.

Merkaz Chomesh is a system of Kollels located in over 50 locations throughout Israel that provides this opportunity to thousands of individuals, every single day. 

Men sporting every type of Yarmulka, (some even need to take one by the door!), join together to spend a moment in time enveloped by the light and depth of Chassidus. 

The Shiurim are led by Rabbanim and Mashpiim who infuse every lesson with life and passion. 

They leave with a spring in their step and a joyous feeling in their heart.  

Their outlook transformed, the world a bit brighter. 

As an added incentive to take their learning seriously so that it will have the maximum impact on their lives, a stipend is provided for those who attend the classes on a nightly basis. 

Take part in Merkaz Chomesh’s important shlichus of spreading the light of Chassidus to thousands of individuals, every single day, and win 2 round trip tickets to Israel! 

The raffle will be drawn in just a few days, on Sunday, 11 SHEVAT 5781 • JAN 24, 2021  at 11:59 PM. 

Buy your tickets now at:

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