Be On Fire, But Don’t Burn Anyone

In a short interaction with shliach R. Shmuel Greisman, the Rebbe taught how it’s possible to communicate the full fire of kedusha without hurting anyone.

If transmitted right, the Rebbe showed, a message can carry its full import without hurting others. Indeed, this in itself is an indication of its truth.

Beginning in the early 5740s (1980s), an annual Kinus Hashluchim was held in Eretz Yisroel, where they would gather to inspire, strengthen and council each other in their mission.

In the summer of 5751 (1991), just days before the kinus, the shliach Reb Shmuel Greisman of Yerushalayim came by the Rebbe in the dollars line.

After handing him a dollar, the Rebbe said, “You will certainly make a fiery speech at the upcoming kinus.”

The Rebbe then added that the speech shouldn’t “scorch anyone.”

And the Rebbe went on to explain, “A fier dikedusha farbrent nisht, es macht shtarker – a fire of holiness doesn’t burn others, it strengthens them.”

(Video of dollars distribution, 17 Av 5751)

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