Be a Winner With ‘Shabbos Shua’ Learning

A Shabbos afternoon learning program for fathers and sons, launched in memory of Shua Kaminker a”h, is starting again this week in Crown Heights and Remsen Village.

This Shabbos –  be a winner –  fathers and sons are invited to our amazing Shabbos Shua program at the shul near you. A beautiful bike, a Shas, and a complete set of Likutei Sichos are just some of the amazing prizes waiting to be raffled off to the boys who join the Mivtzah Torah so dear to the Rebbe.   

Make your Shabbos meaningful by spending quality time together learning Torah in a warm סביבה.

Let us give the Rebbe nachas in this year of Hakhel by using the precious moments of Shabbos Kodesh for Limud Hatorah. 

This unique program is known as “שבת שׁוּעַ” which is named after Menachem Yeshoua Kaminker ע”ה, whose נשמה was עולה למעלה on ל’ סיון the month of מתן תורה.     

Please join us at one of the locations below

Anshei Moshe – 1334 Lincoln Place.

Basement of 770 – 770 Eastern Parkway.

Beis Avrohom Yitzchok – 305 Remsen Ave.

 Lincoln Place Shul – 1185 Lincoln Place.

Mercaz Avreichim – 466 Albany Ave.

Nosson’s Shul – 579 Brooklyn Ave.

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