BDE: Hatomim Shmuel Karnowsky, A”H

With much sadness, we inform you of the tragic and sudden passing of the bochur, Hatomim Shmuel Karnowsky of Crown Heights.

He was 15 years old.

He is survived by his parents Osher and Rivkah Karnowsky of Crown Heights, and siblings.

Levaya today at Shomrei Hadas at 1:00pm, arriving at 770 at 2:00pm. Expected arrival time at Old Montefiore is 3:00pm.

Baruch Dayan Ha’emes.

Nichum Avelim

Feel free to share your memories of the niftar.

  1. I had the zchus of being Shmuly’s principal in 3rd and 4th grade.

    Shmuly was a charming bundle of smiles and joy to have around. Well liked by his peers, and everyone he’d meet.
    His wide smile and cheerful spirit was a gift he shared with everyone.

    I’d like to share a very special trait that Shmuly had.

    Shmuly was a very sweet boy with a special sensitivity for others.

    I recall more than one occasion when he came to tell me I should “look into something that’s going on in a class” pointing me to a situation that a student was being mistreated by others.

    He didn’t want to get anyone in trouble, he was trying to get someone out of trouble.
    He did so discretely and respectfully.

    He would look out for others, and make sure that everyone is OK.

    May his good deeds be a zchus for his family and friends, and may he do the same by Hashem as he would do down here, and demand that we are no longer mistreated in the golus, and we should have the geula with the coming of Moshiach NOW!

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