Bat Mitzvah Clubs Launched Across the Globe

In various locations, Shluchos are launching new Bat Mitzvah Clubs to support young girls and commemorate Eretz Yisroel’s safety.

Eugenia A. is always punctual for her weekly Bat Mitzvah club gatherings, held in Montevidio, Uruguay. In these meetings, 15 girls come together to discuss a wide range of topics, from self-esteem to spirituality.

Responding to the recent terror attacks in Israel, more girls, like Eugenia, will now have the opportunity to join a Bat Mitzvah Club in their respective communities.

Rabbi Yerachmiel Benjaminson, executive director of Tzivos Hashem, the umbrella organization for Bat Mitzvah Clubs International, underlines their active role in the ongoing spiritual battle, stating, “We are not mere spectators; we are actively engaged in this struggle.”

Esti Frimerman, director of the initiative, encourages shluchim to connect with every Bat Mitzvah age girl in their areas, emphasizing that every participant’s presence is valuable, whether a club comprises three or thirty girls.

Currently, over four hundred Chabad houses worldwide offer Bat Mitzvah Clubs, impacting thousands of Jewish girls annually. These clubs can be found in locations as diverse as Malibu and Marrakech, from Tarzana to Teaneck, with Bat Mitzvah Club materials available in five different languages.

In an age where Tik Tok influencers and YouTube personalities often dominate young people’s attention, Bat Mitzvah Clubs provide a platform for girls about to enter womanhood to learn about Jewish heroines from history and about their own Jewish selves, leaving a significant impact during this crucial phase.

Shanon B. from Sherman Oaks, California, a mother, shares her perspective on the value of Bat Mitzvah Clubs, saying, “It was truly special to witness my daughter Emma’s enthusiasm for meaningful values. I’m certain that the memories and friendships she formed at BMC will last a lifetime.”

For shluchim interested in establishing a Bat Mitzvah Club in honor of Israel, a special startup package is available at a discounted rate of $100 off. To learn more and initiate your club, please visit and email [email protected].

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