Basi Legani Resources and Memories Compiled by 770 Bochurim

Click here for a treasure trove of resources you can use to prepare for the auspicious day of Yud Shvat that is coming upon us.

As Yud Shevat is steadily approaching, thousands of chassidim the world over are preparing themselves by studying the Rebbe’s Maamarim of Basi L’gani 5724 & 5744.

These Maamarim are relevant to this year not only due to the special anniversary of these Maamarim – 60 and 40 years, for when it comes to Basi Lgani there is much more depth to it. In 5710 the Frierdiker Rebbe gave out the Hemshech of Basi Lgani containing 20 Osios. The Rebbe, starting in 5711 explained one Ois each year, completing the Hemshech in 5730. This didn’t stop when the Rebbe finished the Hemshech; in 5731 the Rebbe started a second round. Even after the Rebbe stopped saying Maamarim, the Rebbe continued to edit the Maamar said the previous cycle, 20 years prior, to be published that year, starting a third round in 5751. 

This year, 5784, is the 14th year of the fourth cycle of learning Basi Lgani. Therefore Chassidim prepare for Yud Shvat by learning the Maamarim that were said on Ois 14. The Hanochos of the Maamorim on Ois 14 as published by Lahak are available here.

Yud Shevat 5724 was on a Friday. Unusually, the Rebbe delivered a Maamar on Friday night after Kabalas Shabbos. The Rebbe then proceeded to say another Maamer Shabbos day by the farbrengen, followed by a third one at the main farbrengen Motzei Shabbos. In each of the three Maamarim the Rebbe spoke about similar ideas, and therefore they are published as one maamer. The main text is from the Motzei Shabbos Maamer, with footnotes culled from the first two Shabbos Maamarim bringing out the differences between them. For more details of what happened that Yud Shvat, watch Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi tell over his memories here, or Rabbi Shmuel Lew telling his memories here.

Twenty years later, 5744, Yud Shevat was on shabbos, like this year. The Rebbe delivered a deep Maamer at the Shabbos Farbrengen, explaining the difference me between the different terms used for Hashem’s hashpaa to this world. 

In the past few weeks, various Mashpiim, speakers and Shluchim have been giving shiurim on these Maamarim, many of them can be accessed here

Notably, Rabbi Yosef Greenbaum has a clear concise series of in-the-text shiurim, available on google drive, Spotify, and any other podcast platform.

For those looking for a more in-depth shiur, there are shiurim from Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon given in 770 Yeshiva. They can be found as well on YouTube, google drive and Spotify, amongst other streaming platforms.

A special booklet of additional resources has been compiled, for those looking to get a complete understanding of the topics addressed. 

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