Baltimore Mesivta Shows Dedication to Each Talmid

Mesivta Lubavitch of Baltimore, which opened for the 5783 yeshiva year, already gained a reputation for its outstanding learning and educational program, dedicated and caring staff, along with great meals and accommodations.

Mesivta Lubavitch of Baltimore is known for its outstanding learning and educational program, dedicated and caring staff, along with great meals and accommodations. The Mesivta offers an array of extra-curriculars, including seder sichos with rewards, farbrengens, exciting mivtzoim, mivtzas for yomi d’pagra rewarded with shabbatons and trips, swimming and more.

The Mesivta provides its talmidim with a comprehensive and personalized learning experience in both Nigleh and Chassidus. Its outstanding faculty are dedicated to provide the talmidim the skills and knowledge needed to succeed both academically and personally, helping them grow and thrive in every way possible.

“Throughout the year, we offer a variety of mivtzas and farbrengens to encourage the talmidim’s hiskashrus and darkei hachassidus” said Rabbi Mendel Kaminker, menahel and Ra”m of the Mesivta. “We celebrate all of the Chassidishe yomim tovim with farbrengens and special programs, and provide our talmidim with opportunities to participate in mivtzoim and important community outreach programs.”

Under Rabbi Kaminker’s leadership, additional Mesivta faculty are Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sufrin – maggid shiur, and mashpieim Rabbi Aaron Goldberg and Rabbi Mendel Vishedsky.

According to Rabbi Sufrin, “at Mesivta Lubavitch of Baltimore, we understand the importance of providing our talmidim with a nurturing environment, and we are dedicated to helping our talmidim reach their full potential.” Rabbi Sufrin continued, “we believe in recognizing and rewarding our talmidim for their hard work and dedication to their learning and their participation in special mivtzas. We understand that talmidim need motivation to succeed, which is why we offer exciting trips, many seforim prizes, and other rewards to those who excel in Mivtza Hachanas for Chassidishe Yomim Tovim.”

“We encourage our talmidim to maximize their talents and capabilities in learning,” Rabbi Kaminker shared. “For example, we had numerous siyumim on masechtos of Gemora by talmidim who dedicated time outside of seder to complete these masechtos during their own free time. Our talmidim BH have shown tremendous chayus and growth in their learning, davening, and growth in darkei hachasidus.”

In the past half year, the Mesivta had special farbrengens and shiurim by leading Rabbonim, Shluchim and Mashpieim. To name a few, they include, Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan (Shliach Roshi of Maryland), Rabbi Elchonon Lisbon (Anash Rov of Baltimore), Rabbi Yehuda Garami (Chief Rabbi of Iran), Rabbi Nochum Bukiet (Mashpia, Yeshiva Gedola Baltimore) Rabbi Nochum Levin (Ra”m, Yeshiva Gedola Baltimore), Rabbi  Mendel Raichik (Shliach, Gaithersburg MD) Rabbi Sender Geisinsky (Shliach, Bethesda MD) Rabbis Avrohom Volovik and Elchonon Chaikin (Cheder Chabad of Baltimore.)

Mesivta Lubavitch Baltimore is accepting applications for Shiur Aleph and Shiur Beis for the 5784 Shnas Halimudim. To apply, please visit

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