Baltimore Mesivta Celebrates Achievements

In the heart of Jewish Baltimore, the talmidim of Mesivta Lubavitch are successfully thriving to new heights in their journey of limud Hatorah, avodas Hashem, darkei hachassidus and hiskashrus.

Under the expert guidance of its dedicated staff, Rosh Mesivta Rabbi Mendel Kaminker, Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sufrin Magid Shiur, Rabbi Yanky Werner and Rabbi Mendel Zeitlin– Mashpia, the bochurim have exhibited remarkable success in their pursuit of Limud B’iyun. The yeshiva’s curriculum uniquely combines in-depth Gemara learning with a strong emphasis on acquiring a full background in other subjects, including various masechtas of mishnayons, halacha and nach.

A distinguishing feature of Mesivta Lubavitch Baltimore is its commitment to individualized guidance. Talmidim are guided and encouraged in their learning of larger portions of the Masechta, with a robust Chazara system that has already seen many talmidim mastering over 30 Blatt.

Hadracha and guidance in Hiskashrus to the Rebbe are integral to the yeshiva. Before every Yoma D’pagra, the talmidim engage in special mivtzas and watch Farbrangens with the Rebbe. The Yomei D’pagra are further enriched with special farbrangens featuring renowned mashpieim, including recent farbrengens with Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan, Rabbi Sender Geisinsky, and Rabbi Mendel Wolosov. With special hachana program and farbrengens as we approach Yud Shevat.

The talmidim’s weekly Mivtzoim have made a meaningful impact on the surrounding Jewish neighborhoods, with successful initiatives held every Friday. The mesivta’s dedicated Talmidei Hashluchim have brought to the yeshiva many mivtzas and programs, encouraging the talmidim towards greater involvement in learning seder sichos and other learning and hadracha initiatives, where the talmidim dedicate extra time outside of seder to learning and advancing in their knowledge of nigleh and chassidus.

Mesivta Lubavitch Baltimore continues to shine as a beacon of Torah learning, spiritual growth, and outreach, fostering an environment where each talmid is empowered to take the next steps and advance in his learning, davening, hiskashrus and darkei hachasidus.

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