Balabatim, Tiferes, and Tomchei Unite in Study

Photos: Shmulie Grossbaum/

A large Hakhel Seder Sichos was held at the Morristown Yeshiva, bringing together members of Anash, Tiferes Bachurim, and Tomchei students for a joint learning of the Rebbe’s sicha.

Photos: Shmulie Grossbaum/

Morristown Yeshiva held their monthly Kinus Hakhel in connection with Chamisha Asar B’Shvat, gathering Tomchei, Tiferes, Shluchim and Anash from the greater Morristown area, all coming together to learn a sicha and strengthen their connection to the Rebbe.

Following the chavrusa learning, Rabbi Ephraim Piekarski spoke about various aspects of Hakhel and how to implement it in their lives.

This event was arranged by the Morristown “Hakhel office” which throughout this year of Hakhel, has been constantly pulling together events and initiatives to further spread the Rebbe’s message of Hakhel.

With that being said, the Morristown community and beyond, would like to express gratitude and thanks, to the ‘Hakhel office’ – Meir Danow and Mendel Susskind, for the warmth that they have brought into the Morristown community infusing it with Chassidishe warmth and Chayus.

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