Bais Schneur Zal Opening Shiur Daled Smicha Program

Bais Schneur Zal, located in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, announced that they will be opening a Smicha program for bochurim ages 19-20 this coming year.

The Hanholo of Bais Schneur Zal, located in in Luzerne county, Pennsylvania, are excited to announce that Be’ezras Hashem there will be a Smicha program at Bais Schneur for Bochurim ages 19-20 opening this coming year.

“Following the success with the Shiur Daled Bochurim that have joined our Yeshiva this past year, we find it fitting to provide for them a separate space where they can have their own learning program and Shiurim”, says Rabbi Yisroel Eichenblatt, the Menahel Ruchni. “They will participate with the rest of the Yeshiva for Chassidus in the morning and Gemoro, learn Smicha throughout the afternoon in their own Beis Medrash, and rejoin Yeshiva for night Seder. There is the opportunity for them to have a positive Hashpo’o on the younger Bochurim while benefiting from the environment and Farbrengens that Bais Schneur has to offer. Shlichus for the following year will be given to the Bochurim that keep good Seder.”

The hours of the Smicha Program are 1:15-6:45 with a Lunch Break from 2:15-4:00.

The program is being taught and run by Rabbi Schneur Tarlow.

“The new smicha program is a unique opportunity for Bochurim aged 19-20 years old to have a positive Yeshiva structure, and a warm and inspiring environment while accomplishing their Smicha studies. Throughout the year there are Farbrengens, Shabbatons, Yeshiva Events, Sports, Gym, Kumzitsin, BBQs, Hikes, the Kvorim Trip, and much more” hanhala members told

Learning will be from the original Shulchan Aruch and will require strong familiarity with the text.

After Pesach, there will be special classes preparing the Bochurim for life after Yeshiva and marriage, to assist them in building a proper and healthy Chassidishe home and life.

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