Bais Schneur Zal Entering its Third Year

Following two years of tremendous growth and success, Bais Schneur Zal, led by Rabbi Yisroel Eichenblatt, is opening registration for the coming Yeshiva year 5781-5782.

Bais Schneur Zal is opening registration for the coming Yeshiva year 5781-5782.

The Yeshiva is entering its third year, following two years of tremendous growth and success.

“Boruch Hashem, we have seen many Bochurim enter our Yeshiva and feel right at home,” says the Menahel Rabbi Yisroel Eichenblatt. “They feel that they are learning, growing, and developing meaningful friendships with the other Bochurim, Shluchim, and Hanholas Hayeshiva. We are looking forward to future growth for all Bochurim at Bais Schneur, B’gashmius Ub’ruchnius. Be’ezras Hashem, plans are underway for a Shiur Daled Smicha program and more teachers at Bais Schneur, to be announced in the coming weeks.”

Priority is given that each Bochur that joins Bais Schneur feels at home. The Hanhollo give due focus to the Bochurim’s emotional and physical wellbeing, and the Bochurim know the door is open for personal conversation where they can be heard and understood.

There is a strong feeling of positivity and Achdus amongst the Bochurim at Bais Schneur. The Bochurim sense that the Yeshiva is their family, which translates into tremendous energy in Learning, Davening, and Farbrengens.
The standard of Seder, Learning, and Chassidishkeit is kept high, and the Bochurim know that they are accomplishing what they set out to do at the beginning of the year.

In addition to a full day of learning Nigleh and Chassidus, the Bochurim have the opportunity to exercise at the local athletics center and develop their creative skills in music, art, and other areas. There are Kumzitsin, hikes, and other activities outside of Seder as well.

The Yeshiva offers a bi-weekly life coaching program with Certified Life Coach Moshe Chanin, where they work on bringing out their strengths and developing skills in communication and self-awareness.
Additionally, each Bochur can reserve personal sessions to work on individual areas where they may need help.

In addition to the Chassidus Perspectives, Chassidus in-depth, Halacha and Hashkofo Shiurim throughout the day, the Yeshiva offers a Gemoro program catered to various skill sets, to ensure that each Bochur is growing in his learning.

The Gemoro program is divided into three levels.

Level 1 Focuses on developing basic reading, grammar, and Gemoro skills. The Bochurim are placed in a Chabura with one of the teachers who walks them through the Gemoro each day and gives the Bochurim tasks and exercises to improve their Gemoro learning abilities.

Level 2 prepares the daily Gemoro on their own and has a Shiur each day focusing on how to properly learn Rashi and Tosfos.

Level 3 prepares the daily Gemoro on their own and has a Shiur each day focusing on how to learn Gemoro L’Iyuna while exploring various Meforshim.

A Bochur can graduate through levels 1 and 2 throughout the year as he progresses in his learning.

The Shiurim are small in size to ensure that proper attention is given to each Bochur, and many of the Bochurim have the opportunity to learn with a Shliach that can assist them in their learning.

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