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Bais Menachem Youth Development Program, the pioneering yeshiva that has been home to over seven-hundred students, is in the midst of a $360,000, matcher-driven fundraising campaign. 

Bais Menachem Youth Development Program, or “Wilkes” as it is known, is in the midst of a $360,000, matcher driven fundraising campaign. 

For many young men in traditional education settings, the status quo was clearly not working. And so, over 20 years ago, Bais Menachem set out to change it by developing a pioneering program predicated upon openness and acceptance, where unique talents are harvested and practical skills are acquired. In the process, Bais Menachem has sparked a paradigm shift in Jewish education, changed the perception of those who don’t “fit the mold,” and redefined how we view ourselves as a community.

Bais Menachem has evolved into a model program, and gained an international reputation, as a generation of young men are finding their personal vision and confidence, and journeying forth into the world as the next strong link in the Jewish future.

Bais Menachem has transitioned from its signature home in Wilkes to a lush 53 acre campus in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. The new facility boasts rolling acres of nature, green spaces, and forests, a 100-bed dormitory, 7 buildings, staff housing, sports, vocational & art centers, basketball, tennis, baseball, a swimming pool, guest suites & much more.  The move has allowed Bais Menachem to accept more students and grow its impact exponentially. 

Bais Menachem is asking for your partnership to move this vision forward. Please click through to donate today.

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