Bais Menachem Spreads the Wellsprings Inwards and Out

Over the past weeks, Bais Menachem – “Wilkes” of the Poconos turned up its intensity to empower and invigorate the students, with exciting mivtzas, the printing of a Tanya, and a farbrengen with R’ Yingi Bistritzky.

by: Levi Fellig

With Yud-Aleph Nissan Right around the corner, Bais Menachem YDP “Wilkes” of the Poconos has turned up its intensity to empower and invigorate the bochurim with a geshmak in yomei d’pagra and living a Moshiach lifestyle.

On Chof-Hay Adar, several talmidei-shluchim were filming a promotional video for a shturemdike mivtza when they encountered a classic 15-passenger van and yarmulke-wearing passengers exiting the vehicle.  Jumping at the opportunity, the shluchim invited Rabbi MIZ (Mizrachi) and the boys from Yeshivas Derech Eretz (YDE) of Flatbush who were on their annual 12th-grade trip to come back to yeshiva and farbreng.  The two Yeshivos farbrenged together, singing niggunim and sharing divrei Torah.  It was truly a beautiful display of Ahavas Yisroel and a Kiddush Lubavitch. Rabbi Miz ended the night by announcing, “We will definitely be back!”  

Although having farbrang late the night before, on Wednesday, Chof-Vov Adar, the bochurim and shluchim woke up early to go to mikvah and prepare themselves for the historic occasion of the printing of the Sefer Tanya in Bais Menachem Poconos.  The printing of the Tanya was a vital part of establishing Bais Menachem’s new campus, creating a wellspring of Chassidus right in the Poconos.  Hanhala lead the bachurim with inspiring words, explaining the importance of printing Tanyas, especially of learning from the Tanyas and how dear this inyan is to the Rebbe. Everyone in yeshiva had the opportunity to participate in the logistics of the printing itself.  Shortly, iyH the new Tanyas, bound with a beautiful custom cover, will be available to Wilkes friends and supporters of Bais Menachem.

In honor of Chof-Zayin Adar, the yeshiva had the privilege of having R’ Yingi Bistritzky (CEO Hatzalah of Crown Heights) come and Farbreng.  R’ Yingy shared his accounts of personal and intimate stories of Rebbe and Rebbitzin.  R’ Yingi beautifully gave the bochurim an idea of how the Rebbe conducted himself in various circumstances.  The bochurim took away a greater awareness of how one can live as a Chosid no matter the circumstances in which they find themselves.  Well after leaving the bochurim and shluchim remained sitting, farbrenging and discussing R’ Yingi’s words and message.

The weeks have truly grown more active and more inspiring in the Poconos.  The energy is rocking & rolling, with increased learning, participation in seder and lots more farbrengens and outings.  With the arrival of spring the new campus is sure to burst with even greater life and energy.  Moshiach now!

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