Bais Menachem and Beis Shneur Enjoy Lag B’omer Together

Bais Menachem Youth Development Program joined together with Yeshiva Bais Shneur for a Lag B’omer filled with activities, as grand BBQ and a farbregen with Rabbi Uri Perlman.

In Bais Menachem of the Poconos, much excitement led up to Lag B’omer this year. Even more so than usual, with the bochurim being able to celebrate on their own campus, and enjoy the special day with guests from the nearby Yeshiva Bais Schneur.

The rainy weather didn’t hinder the day’s festivities, with all sorts of activities in full swing. The students and staff were able to get together and make good use of Bais Menachem’s spacious grounds, playing basketball, hockey, volleyball, football and more.

There was ample food and drink all throughout the day, and a grand barbecue, with steaks, burgers, chicken and more, in the evening. Following dinner, which was enjoyed outdoors, everyone was entertained by a beautiful fireworks display.

Maariv then took place with singing and dancing, filled with warm energy and achdus. Straight from maariv, everyone went back outside to enjoy a huge bonfire with more dancing, music and singing.

The festivities concluded with a special farbrengen, with Rabbi Uri Perlman sharing wisdom about the holy day deep into the night.

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