Baby Mariasha Shagalov to be Honored With Chain of Chessed

A new foundation was launched in memory of baby Bella Mariasha Shagalov, who tragically passed away at the age of 1, and it will aim to create a chain of chesed and smiles.

By Duddy and Racheli Shagalov:

From the moment our Bella Mariasha was born, she brought an incredible amount of joy and laughter into our home.

Her energy was unmatched, and she meant the world to her parents and 5 big brothers, who cherished her.

Little Bella would enter a room, and her bright smile and infectious laughter could change anyone’s mood in an instant.

She represented the true innocence of a child, where everyone was a friend, and everyone was treated with kindness.

A bit over a month ago, Bella was tragically taken from us at the tender age of 1, and she left our lives with a gaping hole, the likes of which can never truly be filled. We all miss her terribly, and it felt as if a light was shut off in our lives.

Following this devastating loss, there was much thought given to the simple question: “What can we do to ensure Bella’s legacy lives on?” Bella inspired so much good, and her genuine love for all was something that really struck home.

It is with that in mind and with a full heart that we are opening “The Bella Shagalov Smile Foundation”.

The Bella Shagalov Foundation will aim to, through bold acts of chesed in Bella’s memory, to bring smiles and joy to children and families.

While just founded, some of its current undertakings include:

The Bella Shagalov Family Gemach
A Gemach geared toward helping families navigate the many challenges they face after having a baby. From cribs and child care, to therapy and mothers helper, The Bella Shagalov Family Gemach will be there, and is sure to bring so many smiles to so many faces!

Bella’s Playground
A beautiful new playground to be built in the Cheder Chabad of Florida, offering its many students the opportunity to experience safe, fun and exciting outdoor activities. Imagine all the smiles!

Bella’s Library
Offering our young ones the opportunity to expand their imagination in the comfort of a book, surrounded by a safe, comfortable and inviting environment. Watch that smile light up!

And Much Much More!!

We are so grateful to have the opportunity to take on this incredible project in Bella’s memory, and we hope this will inspire so many more to join us.

“Mitzvah Goreres Mitzvah, one good deed brings about another.” Imagine how many mitzvos we can inspire by coming together in the name of Chesed, Positivity, and Kindness.

Click here to donate.

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