Baba Sali’s Miraculous Beard and His Strong Defence of It

Until the age of forty, Baba Sali‘s beard would not grow due to a hereditary illness. After a sleepless night of intense davening, his beard miraculously began to grow, and he expressed strong disapproval for those who cut or trimmed their beards.

In honor of the fortieth yahrzeit of Rabbi Yisroel Abuchatzeira, the Baba Sali, a new publication has been released, with a collection of intriguing perspectives and anecdotes about the significance of growing a beard. The compiler, Rabbi Moshe Wiener, is also the author of the two-volume work, Hadras Ponim Zokon.

The Baba Sali often advised those who came to him for brachos, to start growing their beards. He promised the men that if they grew their beards out, half of their aveiros would be forgiven, and extended this assurance to women who supported their husbands in this endeavor.

Interestingly, the Baba Sali himself faced challenges in growing a beard. At the age of forty, due to a hereditary condition, he was still beardless. Distraught, he spent a sleepless night davening to Hashem for the ability to fulfill this important mitzvah. Miraculously, within a week, his beard began to grow.

The Baba Sali was known to express strong disapproval towards those who cut or trimmed their beards. He famously questioned, “How can someone be embarrassed to display a beard, the true beauty of a man?!”

Other times, the Baba Sali equated maintaining a beard with preserving the sanctity of the bris. He also stated that achieving true greatness in Torah and Yiras Shamayim is impossible without growing a beard.

The booklet is available for free download and can also be purchased on Amazon.

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