Ba’al Menagen Records Reb Hillel Particher’s “Niggun Hagadol”

This niggun by Reb Hillel Paritcher is so profound, it is simply known as the ‘Niggun Hagadol’ – the great niggun. Ba’al menagen Rabbi Menachem Amar performed it and released it on a single.

Marking the auspicious days of Yud Tes – Chof Kislev, Rosh Hashana L’Chassidus, the ‘Gaaguim’ niggunim project presents Reb Hillel Particher’s ‘Niggun Hagadol’.

This niggun was composed by Reb Hillel, a revered figure among the Chabad Chassidim. There are many stories about Reb Hillel, his tzidkus, study of Torah, and help to fellow Yidden. He served as the Av Beis Din in Babroisk, and authored ma’amorei Chassidus, which are printed in the ‘Pelach Harimon’ series.

Rabbi Hillel held a deep appreciation for the world of neginah, and composed many niggunim himself.

Certain tunes bear a clear tradition that indeed Rabbi Hillel personally composed them. In these melodies, one can hear a unique musical style, with the unmistakable signature of the composer. The profound style reflects deep contemplation, dveikus, and the outpouring of the neshama.

As Reb Shmuel Zalmanov, the editor of Sefer HaNigunim Chabad, noted: “The niggunim of Rabbi Hillel Paritcher stand out for their sharp expressions of profound thought, intimately connected to the feeling and awe of the heart.”

The niggun was performed and recorded by ba’al menagen Rabbi Menachem Amar.


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