Be A Master In Day-To-Day Halacha

Semicha Orach Chayim is an extensive course that will equip participants to navigate day-to-day halachic scenarios with confidence. The classes will cover topics such as Krias HaTorah, Hilchos Beis HaKnesses, Hilchos Tefillah, Brachos, Tzedakah and Mezuzah.

You have Semicha. Naturally, people approach you with questions in halacha: What bracha is a granola bar? Does my closet require a mezuzah? I davened Shabbos davening on Yom Tov and I realized halfway through, what do I do now?

They expect you to have the answers. But your Semicha equipped you to deal with milk falling into your chicken soup, not brachos on granola bars.

This course is for you. You will learn the day-to-day practical halachos that aren’t covered in Semicha and be prepared to help others—and yourself—with confidence and clarity.

The year-long course will cover topics such as: Kriyas HaTorah, the halachos of a Shul, Davening, Brachos, Tzedakah and Mezuzah. The learning will take place both on an individual level, using Lemaan Yilmedu’s signature, easy to understand, course materials, and in a group format.

Upon the completion of the course participants will receive a special certification from the Vaad of Lemaan Yilmedu.

Start date: 19 Elul, September 5, 2023

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