Avos Ubanim Learning to Return This Motzoei Shabbos

The popular Avos Ubanim Betzalel learning program will begin this Motzoei Shabbos at 11 locations in Crown Heights, Remsen Village, and East Flatbush. 

It is all about hearing the sweet voices of boys spending quality time with their fathers learning Torah together.

Avos Ubanim begins this Motzei Shabbos in 11 different locations in our שכונה including Remsen Village and East Flatbush.

Use this golden opportunity to bond with your child in a real Torah atmosphere. Incentives and prizes galore with inspiring divrei chizuk top off this wonderful Motzei Shabbos experience.

The Avos Ubanim program is known as Avos Ubanim Betzalel in loving memory of Reb Betzalel Jacobson a”h, dedicated by his son R’ Yerachmiel Jacobson.

Come and reap nachos!

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