Av Beis Din of Budapest Draws Crowd in London

While visiting London for his son’s wedding, Rabbi Boruch Oberlander of Budapest, Hungary led a farbrengen for the wider Chassidic community in Stamford Hill, drawing a large crowd.

While visiting London for his son’s Chassunah, Rabbi Boruch Oberlander led a farbrengen for the wider Chassidic community in Stamford Hill this Motzei Shabbos, which drew a large crowd, including several people who he is in touch with for many years in his field of research.

Rabbi Oberlander spoke about many experiences he had throughout the years on shlichus as well as many unusual shallos that come up, which he had to delve into himself and find the answers.

During the visit, Rabbi Oberlander visited several of the local Rabbonim, including Rabbi Leibel Padwa, head of the Keddasia Beis Din, as well as Rabbi Shlomo Dovid Klien, Dayan of Belz.

In both meetings, many recent shaalos were brought up and discussed, with Rabbi Oberlander presenting them with the new Sefer he published in honor of the Chassunah, אמר רב”א. The visits to the Rabbonim were accompanied by Dayan Levi Raskin.

The Dayan of Satmar, Rabbi Moshe Menachem Weiss came to join the Chassuna, being a longtime friend of the Oberlander family.

The farbrengen and visits were arranged by Avremel Raskin of Merkaz Letoras Hachassidus – London.

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