Auckland Chabad Experiencing Tremendous Growth

For the second time in two years Chabad of Auckland, NZ, finds itself at capacity at in their current rental home. They now have an opportunity to purchase a site that will appropriately support their growing congregation.

In 2018 Rabbi Mendel and Esther Hecht moved to Auckland, home to the largest portion of Jews within New Zealand.

They came with the goal of continuing to provide Jewish resources and spreading light. What they found was that local yidden have had limited access to core aspects of Jewish life including minyanim, education, kosher food and community support. 

Since their arrival, they continue to regularly encounter individuals eager to strengthen their connection to Judaism and Torah practice. Today, they offer regular minyanim, cheder, Bar/Bat Mitzvah classes, youth activities, and shiurim for both men and women.

As Shluchim of the Rebbe, the Hecht’s do everything in our power to support each Jew in New Zealand on their spiritual journey. Their mission is to continue the Rebbe’s mission of bringing Hashem’s light into the world until we merit the coming of Moshiach now!

They now find themselves physically at capacity (for the second time) in their current rental home. On a typical shabbos, a 40-person strong minyan is followed by packed communal meals. An opportunity has arisen to purchase a site that will appropriately support the growing congregation and enable them to continue sharing Torah and mitzvos with the wider community.

Please consider supporting and helping the Jewish community of New Zealand found a strong Jewish future for our community.

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