Atypical Outing for Darchei Mesivta Students

35 students of Mesivta Darchei Menachem took a confidence-boosting trip to Flatbush Aviator’s Arena: Volunteering as staff members for Chasdei Lev’s Tishrei Teacher Appreciation event.

By Eli Friedman

Last week, 35 students of Mesivta Darchei Menachem took a unique trip to Flatbush Aviator’s Arena: Volunteering as staff members for Chasdei Lev’s Tishrei Teacher Appreciation event.

Volunteering for the Chasdei Lev projects has become a twice-a-year tradition for the Darchai Menachem Mesivta boys, coordinated by program director Rabbi Eli Sandhaus. The project is arranged by Rabbi Avrohom Bluming, Executive Director of Igud Hamelamdim, Lubavitch chinuch organization. 

Outfitted with staff uniforms–caps and tee shirts emblazoned with Chasdei Lev’s iconic “Thank You” logo–the boys boarded the bus from their Yeshiva, excitedly making their way to the Chasdei Lev site in Flatbush. Once there, they instantly transformed, the positivity and generosity-of-spirit of the event engulfing them as they joined the other volunteers and took on their respective responsibilities in showing appreciation to the Teachers.

The thrilled look on their faces as they returned from their trip, clearly expressed how much it meant to them. No less impressed and grateful is their Program Director, Rabbi Eli Sandhaus, who views the boys’ active participation in the Chasdei Lev project, as a true game-changer. 

“Participating in this project in a hands-on way brings their learning to life. I’ve seen countless Bochurim inspired by the Achdus and atmosphere of Simcha and Ahavas Yisroel. Contributing truly makes them feel like a part of the Jewish nation in a meaningful way. I’ve seen the effect of this, inspiring Bochurim in their day-to-day life.”

Mesivta Principal Rabbi Dovid Marozov further touts the confidence-building benefits that the Chasdei Lev volunteering has on the boys.

“At last week’s event, I’ve seen the Bochurim really shine. Their work as staff members instilled within them great pride and positive feelings of being associated with doing Chesed.”  

Upon returning to Yeshiva, the boys were addressed by Rabbi Bluming, who thanked them for their great work, expressing how Chasdei Lev anticipates them every year! 

In connection with Vov Tishrei, Rabbi Bluming then shared an uplifting message with them. He told of Rebbetzin Chana, who while Reb Leivik was in exile, would with great mesiras nefesh source Bochurim for Reb Leivik to teach, which was something that Reb Leivik loved to do. 

Rabbi Bluming encouraged the boys, stating how precious they are to their teachers, and that they be able to continue giving nachas. 

In all, it was an unforgettable day. An experience that, according to Rabbi Sandhaus, will remain with the boys forever.

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