Ateres Chaya Mushka Start New Year in New Building

The Ateres Chaya Mushka school of Crown Heights began the new year in their new building in the East Flatbush neighborhood. They also welcomed a new assistant principal.

Freshly waxed floors, new notebooks, ironed uniforms, it’s that time of year. Schools are starting again, and students, teachers, and principals are heading back to their classrooms and desks, full of optimism for a new year. They’ve been recharged by a refreshing and productive summer, and they’re ready to take on the new challenges head on.

And at Ateres Chaya Mushka, the new year is shaping up to be one for the books. The school has grown Boruch Hashem in every way — new students, new staff members, and a brand new beautiful building. We’ve opened our doors to a new preschool class, and we are now proud to say that our hallways are filled with the sounds of happy students ranging all the way from three years old to 8th grade.

Our staff members remain the stars of the show. Our great team of devoted chassidishe teachers, committed to the success of the school — the success of every single girl who enrolls — has grown, each having their own impact. We would like to welcome Mrs. Chana Oster, our new Assistant Principal who together with our dedicated Principal, Mrs. Leah Levine, will ensure that school runs smoothly. We have also expanded the services that we are able to provide, ensuring that each student is educated on the level that works for them.

“Drawing from the inspiration of melech basadeh and Chodesh Elul, we happily greet each child with a smile and make them feel at home in our school. This is our goal, to treat every student with good Middos and to impart these same values on them. This is what we stand for, and so far, in the first week of school, we are off to a wonderful start, educating another generation of chassidishe girls imbued with the values that the Rebbe taught us,” Mrs. Levine told

Ateres Chaya Mushka
Flatbush -Remsen
432 East 92nd Street

Preschool and Elementary school

Ages 3 years old till 8th grade

For registration and more information please contact
Leah Levine
[email protected]

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