Ateres Chaya Mushka Begins New Year With Additional Grade

Ateres Chaya Mushka school of Crown Heights began its new school year with the introduction of a new 9th-grade class.

N’shei readers: Click here for a gallery of the first day of school.

Offering an exceptional learning experience for its students, Ateres Chaya Mushka is renowned for its friendly and positive teaching approach. The school provides chinuch for children ages 3 to 14, preschool through 9th grade.

With an initial enrollment of over sixty students, the school is experiencing substantial growth. The introduction of a 9th-grade class comes in accordance with a directive from the Rebbe ‘”להוסיף עוד כיתה שבה יתלמדו להיות מורות בעתיד הלא רחוק” (To add additional grades in which they will learn to be teachers in the not so distant future). The school’s mission is to empower girls with the knowledge and skills necessary for nurturing a meaningful Chassidic Jewish home and prepare for a shlichus-oriented life.

At Ateres Chaya Mushka, educators imbue Chassidic values with a sense of joy and love for each student. This distinctive teaching philosophy is evident in everything that is done and taught in school.

The school year commenced with a special address from Mrs. Leah Levine, founder and director. Her message to the students was about י”ד אלול – working יד ביד – hand in hand – to strengthen our Hiskashrus alongside Ahavas Yisrael and Ahavas Hashem.

The decision to start the school year slightly ahead of Chai Elul was deliberate, reflecting the Rebbe’s belief in preparing students for the month of Tishrei and infusing them with energy – חיות – for the entire year.

Chai Elul holds particular significance as it commemorates the birthdays of two luminaries, the Baal Shem Tov and the Alter Rebbe who taught to strengthen our connection to Hashem and to each Jew, wherever they are.

Mirroring the month of Elul, teachers convey a warm and approachable feeling, echoing the sentiment אני לדודי ודודי לי, “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine.”

Ateres Chaya Mushka is on a journey of continuous improvement, with a new curriculum director overseeing the enhancement of reading, writing, and language skills, through a Chassidic lens. This aligns with our belief in nurturing both intellectual and emotional growth in students.

May the new academic year be filled with growth, learning, and meaningful experiences for all students. May the values of love, unity, and faith continue to guide our journey, and may it be a year of blessings, success, and joy. Wishing everyone a happy and sweet new year!

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