At Warsaw Layover, Bochurim Visited Site of Rebbe’s Chassuna

Photos: Mendy Kotlyar

After an uplifting stay in New York, the Netanya Yeshiva headed back with a stopover in Warsaw to visit the site of the Rebbe’s chuppa and wedding meal where they danced and said l’chaim.

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After an eight-day journey following the path of the Rebbe’s travels to New York – from Paris to Vichy, Marseille, Nice, and Menton – the Netanya Yeshiva arrived in New York.

Their first stop was the Rebbe’s Ohel, and then to Crown Heights. There they davened and learned in the Rebbe’s shul and toured the Rebbe’s library. They were also privy to farbrengens with Rabbi Shlomo Cunin and with Rabbi Levi Garelik, who shared the fascinating relationship of the Rebbe with his family.

After spending several days in New York, the students made their way back to the Holy Land. A sweet interlude awaited them—a ten-hour layover in Warsaw.

This stop allowed the students to visit the exact location of the Rebbe and the Rebbetzin’s chuppah and wedding meal, a site definitively identified during a previous yeshiva trip five years ago, which retraced the steps of the Rebbe’s wedding. The bochurim danced there and said l’chaim.

They were then hosted for a meal at Warsaw Chabad house by shliach Rabbi Sholom Ber Stambler, which quickly turned into a farbrengen.

At a gathering upon their return to Eretz Yisroel, participants of the unique trip reflected on their commitments and thanked the rosh yeshiva, Rabbi Moshe Orenshtein, for his dedication and for organizing such an unforgettable journey which they will remember for decades to come.

Rabbi Orenshtein, in turn, expressed his gratitude, on behalf of all the bochurim, to Rabbi Sholom Kriaf, whose efforts were instrumental in making this unique journey possible.

Photos by Mendy Kotlyar

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