At First Siyum, Mothers’ Displays Bring Bereishis to Life

As talmidim of Tomchei Tmimim Ocean Parkway Kita Aleph celebrated their first siyum on Parshas Bereishis, class mothers volunteered their time and talents to create immersive “6 Days of Creation” centers.

Last week, talmidim of Tomchei Tmimim Ocean Parkway Kita Aleph celebrated their first siyum on Parshas Bereishis. The event highlighted the boys’ dedication and achievements in completing Parshas Bereishis along with 250 Chumash Milim, in addition to Shoroshim and prefixes. 

The students performed heartfelt songs thanking the parents for their learning and welcoming them to the siyum, followed by niggunim. Each talmid also had the opportunity to showcase their creativity through arts and crafts, presenting various dioramas from scenes of Parshas Bereishis they prepared in class. Then, we moved on to the highlight which was finishing Bereishis for the first time and fathers dancing with their children on their shoulders.

In preparation for the event, mothers from the class generously volunteered their time and talents to help create immersive “6 Days of Creation” centers. Attendees then visited each of these centers featuring activities aligned with the days of creation, allowing the children to engage in hands-on learning experiences. For instance, for Day 3 students planted flowers, symbolizing the creation of vegetation. For Day 6, they made self-portraits, reflecting the creation of Adam. These interactive centers were a hit among the students, making the learning process both fun and meaningful!

The siyum was attended by parents, siblings, grandparents, and other family members, all eager to celebrate the accomplishments of our young talmidim. Their presence added warmth and significance to the occasion, reinforcing the strong community spirit that is a hallmark of Tomchei Tmimim Ocean Parkway. 

Rabbi Steinmetz, the beloved Rebbi of Kita Aleph, shared his pride and joy in his students’ achievements. “Watching our young talmidim complete their first siyum on Parshas Bereishis is a truly heartwarming experience,” he said. “Their enthusiasm for Torah learning and their creative expressions of what they’ve learned are inspiring. This event is not just a milestone for the boys, but a celebration for our entire yeshiva.”

Rabbi Achter, another dear rebbi of Kita Aleph, also expressed: “Seeing the boys’ excitement and dedication to their Torah learning is incredibly fulfilling,” he said. “Their efforts and the support of their families have made this siyum a truly unforgettable event.”

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