As Temperatures Climb, Electricity Reduced in New York

Crown Heights residents have noticed sluggish air conditioning in their homes, as Con Edison conserves electricity to keep the system running through the current heat wave. The AC in 770 has been turned off until Wednesday night.

By reporter

As New York experiences an early summer heat wave and air conditioners are on full blast, Con Edison is working to keep the power on.

Many Crown Heights residents have noticed decreased power as their air conditioners struggle weakly to fight the heat.

The air conditioners in 770 has been turned off until Wednesday night, due to the lack of sufficient power to run smoothly.

On Tuesday night, Con Edison asked customers in parts of Manhattan and Queens to conserve power while crews repair equipment. They said they had reduced voltage by 5 percent in the area to protect equipment and maintain service.

The NY electrical company explained that when the system gets overtaxed, the power lines literally get hot, causing smoke and problems that can lead to power outages. Though they expect outages, they are working to keep them confined and to resolve them as quickly as possible.

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