Artists Perform Lecha Dodi Medley on the Streets of Tzfas

Watch: Malchus Choir along with an all-star line up of singers are mekabel Shabbos in the magical streets and ancient alleyways of Tzfas, where Reb Shlomo Alkabetz, the composer of Lecha Dodi lived and is buried. 

Lechu Dodi – Malchus, Zanvil Weinberger, Naftali Kempa, Levi Falkowitz, Dovi Meisels, Aron Razel, Yehuda Galili – Tzfas! First time ever in history! Malchus Choir, Zanvil Weinberger, Naftali Kempah, Levi Falkowitz, Dovy Meisels, Aron Razel – Being ‘Mekabel Shabbos’ in the holy city of “Tzfas”!

Between these magical walls and ancient alleys have gathered an international ‘all-star cast’ to be “Mekabel Shabbos” in song.

Zanvil Weinberger curled up in high notes, Naftali Kempah in the Yeshivish style, Levi Falkowitz took a flight all the way from New York together the king in Kumzitz Dovy Meisels, when Aron Razel also seen with the guitar all the way here. There’s no better place to perform such a medley of heart-stirring and also uplifting oldies, than just to sing it here in “Tzfas”, the city in which the Heilige Reb Shlomo Alkabetz who wrote the holy piyut of ‘Lechu Dodi’  lived.

In the middle, between the arched gates and the typical stone houses, the old men and residents of the city fill the floating alleys, as they are watched preparing for Shabbos spreading its wings over the city; Its ancient synagogues are being prepared for Shabbos, with a group of Klezmer musicians playing the ‘Lechu Dodi’ piece in the background.


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