Arrest Made in Brutal Assault on Crown Heights Resident

Two weeks after a violent assault on Crown Heights resident Yossy Hershkop, an arrest was finally made, just a day after he expressed his frustration at the slow pace of the investigation.

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Two weeks after Crown Heights resident and activist Yosef Hershkop was brutally beaten in Crown Heights street, the NYPD arrested a suspect alleged to have taken part in the attack.

The arrest was announced by Crown Heights Shomrim, who praised the work of their volunteers in collaboration with the NYPD 71st Precinct.

The attack took place two weeks ago, on Montgomery Street, right off Schenectady Avenue, when Hershkop, who serves as the manager of Crown Heights Urgent Care, was beaten after accidentally nicking another car while parking. Despite his immediate offer to cover any costs, three perps began assaulting him, beating him for a number of minutes.

The assault, which took place in front of his 5-year-old son, landed him in the hospital, where he was treated for his injuries.

The arrest comes just one day after Yosef voiced his frustrations on Twitter in a tweet that has since been shared hundreds of times.

“I was attacked 2 weeks ago. No arrests have been made, despite the assailants’ vehicle having been seen all over the neighborhood. My son still has a lot of trauma from the incident & we now Uber instead of walk whenever we need to go out. How many others live in fear in NYC?!” he wrote.

You can see the video of the horrific beating below:

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