Argentinian President Secretly Watches Chabad Event from Private Balcony

Argentina shluchim and communities commemorated the 30th Gimmel Tammuz anniversary with a grand event with guest speaker Rabbi Moshe New of Montreal. What many didn’t know was the attendance of the country’s president, Javier Milei, who watched discreetly from a gallery.

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Hundreds of community members and shluchim from around Buenos Aires came together for a grand Gimmel Tammuz event hosted by Chabad and led by head shliach Rabbi Tzvi Grunblatt. Rabbi Moshe New of Montreal was flown in as the guest of honor, and a professional orchestra led soul stirring niggunim.

At the beginning of the event, Israeli Ambassador Eyal Sela recited a perek of Tehillim for the safety of the captives and soldiers, and Rabbi Eliyahu Hamra, recited a perek of Tehillim for the Jewish community of Argentina.

The main address of the evening was delivered by Montreal shliach Rabbi Moshe New, and his passionate speech resonated with the participants.

What many participants did not realize was that there was another special guest who chose not to be seen: the country’s president, Javier Milei. The Argentinian President made a discreet visit to the event and attended to commemorate the Rebbe, having visited the Rebbe’s Ohel several times. He sat in a private balcony and remained in the sidelines, absorbing the stirring melodies and listening aptly to the inspiring words. Rabbi Chaim Oirechman, the shliach in Buenos Aires, who coordinated with the president before the event, shared that it was the president’s personal request.

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