Areivim Director: ‘We Consider All Shluchim to be in 770’

When Rabbi Yosef Menachem Fishman, director of Areivim USA, was asked about the Areivim policy toward Shluchim who live outside the USA, this is what he had to answer…

Rabbi Yosef Menachem Fishman director of Areivim USA was asked about the Areivim policy toward Shluchim who live outside the USA.

He answered. “It’s very simple, the Shluchim are all connected to 770 to Crown Heights so we count it as US citizenship”.

The Areivim presentation took place in Anshei Lubavich Sunday night in the wake of the recent tragedies and the renewed effort to register members from Crown Heights.

The Areivim USA program was created to support widows and orphans in a way that preserves their dignity.

The Crown Heights Beis Din has released a letter of support for the Areivim program. A free translation of the letter reads “we are aware of the Areivim program that supports orphans and widows in an honorable way. “Yasher Koach” to the organizers and all those that participate.

To register and for more information visit:

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