Are You Eligible for Help with Heating Your Home?

Home has expanded its database to include not only financial assistance information, but links to many services from help with heating your home to free subway travel and diaper banks.

Although the primary focus of is financial assistance provided by the CARES Act, site administrators were asked to provide general money-saving articles as well. Consequently, the site has updated its government program list to include a vast range of services out there.

There are too many people who could benefit from various programs being offered, but simply have no idea that they exist. If you need help, but have no idea what’s available, this article is for you.

While the list is not comprehensive, it is enough to make you aware of what each program offers and to serve as a starting point to check if there is something worth pursuing.

Many are available nationwide, even though the details are for NY. Some of the programs are more well known than others, some are easier to apply for than others and some offer more value than others.

Most of the programs are for income-eligible people. Some have no income requirements and we’ve made that clear by each of those programs. While most of these programs listed are “benefits” for those who are struggling financially, some, like PFL, are not. 

Visit to see how you can benefit.

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