Are Chasidim Careful to Avoid Lashon Harah?

In this short video, Rabbi Naftali Silberberg explains the approach Chassidus takes to Lashon Harah and thinking negatively about another Jew.

From a shiur at the Baal Shem Tov Library on Ave. J in Flatbush, NY.

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  1. I know this is our typical answer but I believe it falls short for a number of reasons; 1. We all use critical thinking even of our siblings, we notice their personalities and “click” with some and not with others, we should be encouraged to decide who we should be receiving guidance from and who not, whereas when it comes to speaking about them to others there are many more restrictions, it has to be beneficial with all the conditions that Halacha requires. I think because their is much confusion and ignorance in these Halachos because we think this is not the Chassidishe way, and it is given very little attention if any in our schools. Our emphasis should be to find good things in people to talk about, but let us be real, we have a yetzer hara and are not as other-worldly as Chassidim of the past. 2. Quarrels do happen, people have different points of view, people of lower position sometimes feel mistreated by people in a higher position and it is important to know what is the Torah way how to go about it. Isn’t it time to address the issue?

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